Fashion Forum: Capri Pants have died!

Well, ladies as much as I like to tell you about new trends, I gotta tell you about trends that have died and this is one. Capri pants are dead!

Capri pants had a good run from 1996 to about 2006. The mid-calf ill-fitting half pants are gone. The last three years, Capri pants have made a downturn – being sent to the closets of soccer moms and 50+ grandmas. But, for upcoming urban fashion mavens, it’s time to let the capri pants die – off to Goodwill and Southern Thrift. Now, I’m not gonna lie, I wore a pair of capri pants yesterday (I KNOW!!). My excuse, I woke up late, it’s 80+ degrees and I didn’t want to wear pants. So, I threw on some capri pants and strolled out the door. I looked down, and was like what the heck? So, my capri pants are gone, never to be seen again.

The problem with capri pants was the ill-fit, the knee print from sitting down, and the (sometimes) slits near the ankle, were all just bad for business. Capri pants have the nknack of making slim legs look scrawny, curvy girls looked too chunky, ankles looked bigger, and hips look wider. I’m sure those are attributes no girl wants.

So, what’s the alternative? Bermuda shorts or tailored shorts.

Bermuda shorts come in different materials, cuts, and styles. Bermuda shorts do the opposite of what capri pants do. The knee skimming length helps your legs look much longer. The denim version is most popular today. I love the wide-leg version to wear on dates and shopping trips. Pair your bermudas with a spicy pair of cage sandals or gladiators, a tank top, and throw on a hobo bag, and you”ll be in business.

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