Shopping: Wet Seal has a PLUS line? Yep!

While on Twitter yesterday, I was having a convo with a twit-friend named PlusModelNikki who informed me of an awesome discovery – WET SEAL has a Plus-Size fashion line! Well, as you can see by her name, she is a Plus-Size Model (add her as a friend on twitter or look her up on Model Mayhem – her pics are great!) and she was happy to report that a pair of jeans she ordered from Wet Seal had finally arrived and they fit perfectly. The jeans are the white pair shown below.

Anyway this sparked my interest seeing as Forever 21’s plus line has not been as inspiring as many plus fashion girls had hoped for. The difference with Wet Seal’s plus line is the fact that it’s an ACTUAL plus line – Not Jr. Plus or a couple of XL’s and 2XL’s thrown in the store for good measure. The cut and sizing are made for the plus shaped body and the response has been good.
The following items are some of my favorite items from what’s currently available. All items are under $50! Nice!! Wet Seal’s Plus line is only available Online and has no plans to expand to their retail locations.

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