Fashion Forum: After the Maxi – dresses for under $50

Hola Fashion Friends!

So how was your weekend? Mine was nice, hot, but nice.

Anyway let’s get down to business. I went dress shopping this weekend and was happy to see that dresses are in full effect – but it’s the Maxidress that’s taking over the streets. Any fashion maven would know, that you CANNOT be like everyone else, and although the maxi is so very comfy, you gotta have a bit more variety when it comes to your summer wardrobe.

So, here I assembled some fly looks for summer dresses – all under $50!

The staples of summer dress style – Halter Style, Trapeze/A-line, strapless, and One-shoulder. you can continue to wear your gladiator sandals and cage heels, but you get a more classic look when you throw a couple of casual dresses in the mix. Plus, PLAID is still good for the summer – I know, weird right, but quite fashionable!

Another reason to sport dresses in the summer – hides any of those lower flaws that you haven’t corrected yet (or you don’t feel like correcting now!). From chunky thighs to flabby midsection – nothing is too hard for a dress to camouflage. In addition, for my petite fashion mavens – the maxi dress may be too long for you – but a summer sundress is great for your short stature.

So, give your maxi dress a rest – show those great calves and strong arms with a flirty, short, summer dress.

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