Happy Anniversary: FAB GLANCE’s Biggest Stories

Fab Glance Nashville has been going strong for 1 whole year! WOW! To this date Fab Glance has had 10,000+ readers from more than 100 countries, with the most visits come from Tennessee, New York, California, Georgia, and Alabama. Thanks to everyone for reading, without you, Fab Glance would not exist. Here are some of the top stories that I’ve covered for the past year. These still get major views from new/old readers. Take a look:

During the inauguration FAB GLANCE NASHVILLE was the first blog to break the story on
WHO made Sasha and Malia’s Inauguration Coats. This story received 698 views in one day and continues to get views on a daily basis. Because I was the first to break the story – my blog was head-lined and advertised on www.buzzfeed.com.

This was not a scoop, but it still got plenty of views: Who is Rihanna’s Hairstylist. My post on Ursula Stephens continues to bring readers to the blog – currently 300+ readers have learned more about Ms. Rucker, her story, and how she helps celebrities stay fly!

Nashville funny man/actor Freddie B helped Ms. Lyssa become pretty popular in the Nashville area. I asked Freddie B to be Man of the Week because he is one the funniest and handsome people I know in Nashville (plus he attended my Alma Mater, Tennessee State University). His story received 159 hits in one day! Take a look at his videos and you will laugh all day – www.youtube.com/freddiebtv.

Kristen Quintrall is an actress/director/editor currently residing in LA. I did a story on Kristen and her red carpet look during the MTV Movie awards. Well, to my surprise, Kristen found the review, told her friends and all of twitter, and I received 198 views in one day. It’s very rare for a new blogger to catch any celebrity attention, so I was super excited about it. Thanks Kristen!

So, I bought this t-shirt, told the world about it because around that time it was hard to come up with stories – but everyday people come to the blog to find out where to find the Black Barbie T-shirt. To my knowledge, they no longer make the shirt – but I love it so much!
Can’t wait to see what the next year brings!!

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary: FAB GLANCE’s Biggest Stories

  1. So this is what is really amazing …I have a Black Barbie T-Shirt that I got from Torrid … that had two Black Barbie's and it reads Barbie Outdazzles them all… I am gonna post it to twitter for you so you can see! yaaay! So glad I found this Blog!


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