Remember the Time – Michael Jackson

Oh wow! Like, I woke up this morning and it was really real, MJ is really gone. WOW! There is no one over the age of 5 who does not know who Michael Jackson is. My godson asks me to play the Jackson 5 on regular basis and he is just 8 years old. WOW!

Michael Jackson and his family were a regular sound in my home as a child. My mom played MJ all the time. I still remember watching the Jackson 5 cartoon!!! My mom and Michael Jackson virtually grew up together – she still tells us stories of watching the Jackson 5 on American Bandstand and Soul Train. They are the same age.
I loved the Thriller album. I had the vinyl copy in my room and I remember thumb tacking the album cover to my wall right next to my Punky Brewster poster! As much as I loved Thriller – I could not watch the video. It scared me! I remember crying in fear the first time I watched the Thriller video – I did not like my Michael Jackson to be scary.
After all, I was gonna marry Michael Jackson when I grew up! I think every lil girl had that thought. I remember I had the poster (shown above) on my wall, I was probably like 5 or 6, and I would stare at it knowing Michael would stay that fine until I grew up. LOL
I grew out of that phase, but the love for his music never passed. I remember running though the house to watch a premiere of one of MJ’s iconic music videos. I fell, busted my butt, running to get to the TV, I had to see MJ! As a teen, with my own money, I happily added The Best of the Jackson 5 and Off the Wall to my cd collection. I needed to know Mike’s music for myself. I began to love Mike’s writing style and production. Back then, Mike stayed at the top of his game, regularly challenging himself to be better.

Let’s talk about MJ’s STYLE!! MJ had his own style – often eccentric but never failing to amaze. We know that Micheal had several health conditions that effected his appearance – but he never let his conditions stop the show. The sparkle glove – THAT GLOVE – probably used to cover his first evidence of vitaligo. No matter what the reason, he started a trend that could not be stopped.

No matter how glitter-ridden and sparkle-tastic, Michael was gonna wear what he wanted to wear to let you know he was the general of his style army. I think that was his only way to have control in a world that was so out of control. It must have been very, very, tough to be so famous, but so lonely! I know he is peaceful now.

So, I continue to pray peace for his family. He leaves behind 3 children, 8 brothers and sisters, his parents, and millions of fans. There is no one that will top him – but we can strive to be as excellent and have such a work ethic to create such wonderful art!
Love ya MIKE!

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