Trend Alert: Boyfriend Blazer

It’s always good to get the next season’s look ready – this year men’s style will be of uber-importance – so you have to get one of these in your wardrobe. It’s so reminiscent of high-school days – at the dance – when at the end of the night, you would wear your boyfriend’s coat to the car/limo. Also, you can start rocking the oh-so-fly tuxedo style men’s blazer during the summer.

The Boyfriend Blazer
Pair your cute new 2-button or 1-button blazer with a flirty skirt and boots or work your wardrobe willingness by slipping on a pair of trendy harem pants. Also, you can rock you blazer with or without a shirt underneath -dare to be different, but remember to accessorize so you won’t look dated. Too much shoulder pads or too over sized will make you look like an extra from a cheesy 80’s movie.

Above, are some reasonably priced blazers available now – click the look you like to purchase a blazer for you wardrobe.

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