Ms. Lyssa visits NYC!

Ok – I usually try and keep my personal life kinda of personal and focus on global fashion, but i had to let my lovely readers know about my trip to NYC – it was great!

See grew up in New York, but not the city, THE COUNTRY! So, we would visit NYC but, being that I was a little kid, I couldn’t gallivant and run around the city the way I’d like to run around the city. Anyway, I won a trip on the radio – took FabGirl Sabrina, and we were off. We stayed in Chinatown, went to an EXCLUSIVE Maxwell concert, rode the subway to Harlem, signed the Michael Jackson tribute wall at the Apollo, shopped at some street vendors, rode in a limo, and had all sorts of authentic city food. WHEW! Yes all this stuff occurred in 24 hours!

So, as you can see, I had to get some sneaker time in – I LOVE these Nike’s – can someone buy them for me?! And below, is me sitting on a Harlem brownstone. Aww – I miss NYC already! I will surely be back.

Love Ya,
Ms. Lyssa

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