New Fashion Trend: Partially Shaved heads…

Rihanna wins the shaved head contest, hands-down!

*In my best teacher voice*

Good afternoon -Oh- fabulous boys and girls, It’s FABGIRL SABRINA!,

Today we are going to talk about the newest hair trend that is apprently sweeping the nation: Celebrities are shaving their heads. The question is, are they shaving their heads because it’s the latest “thing” or do these hairstyles actually compliment them? I wrote this article because I finally saw a partially shaved head that I liked. Oh Rihanna, how you can do no wrong. . . .(lol)

The first big celebrity I saw sporting a partially shaved head was Kelis.

Many people forget, Kelis was the first to shave her head in the early 2007. The other celebs didn’t follow suit until years later. In my opinion, Kelis wore it well. She has the flair and the personality to carry it off.

But shaving the side of your head started back in the mid ’80’s with the iconic girl group Salt and Pepa. Remeber this?

So around 2 months ago, Cassie wanted to jump on board. Cassie is a singer on the BadBoy’s record label. She shaved her head and posted pictures of it on twitter. She wanted to liberate herself and “rock out” a bit. Unfortunatly both Ms. Lyssa, myself, and about 90% of the press, did not appreciate this look on Cassie. She’s an amazingly beautiful girl, but I think she may have shaved too much. What happens when it starts to grow back Cassie? That’s my question – lolNext on the barber’s chair was LaLa. Chick is pretty much famous for being a partime VJ on VH1, and more importantly for being Carmelo Anthony’s “fiance/mother of his child”, and Solange Knowles newest best friend. For some reason, I do not appreciate this style on LaLa. She shaved her head right after Cassie shaved her head. Copycat if you ask me. No one like as copycat.
Raven Symone was said to have shaved her head a long before the recent slew of ladies t take the razor-sharp plunge. Raven is not in the press as much as the other ladies mentioned, but we did find this recent picture of her and web celeb Teyana Taylor. Her hair is alot like LaLa’s. But for some reason, I kinda like it on Raven. Go Olivia!

I am predicting that this trend will die out soon enough. The more people shave their heads, the less poplular it will become. If you’re one of those people that’s thinking about it, you better do it while it’s hot.

Later Fab Friends!


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