Fall 2009: Shoe Trends for Guys

Morning Fashion Folks!

I have declared that every Monday will be focused on the Men’s Fashion; we’ll call it Man Monday. Soon, I will be looking for a Male Contributor for the blog, so we can get a guy’s opinion about this fashion stuff.

So here are some shoe trends guys need to look for for Fall 2009:

First off, (shown above) Velcro straps on casual sneakers have been ‘sneaking’ on the scene for some time now. Pictured above are the Jake Purcell for Converse low-top. Of all the Velcro styles I’ve seen, these are my favorite.

I write about Oxford Shoes for men and women on my
EXAMINER column. Don’t sleep – this shoe is moving up the ranks in a major way! Guys, have been wearing Oxford’s for a long time, but designers are adding all types of special details to make the look more hip and appealing to the younger shopper: patent leather, Velcro strips, and colorful suede. Start with the black and explore to make the style you own.

Lastly, SUEDE is on the way! Especially for the guys, it’s gonna be sueded style of classic shoe designs – chukkas (pictured above), Clark’s wallabees, and even your sneakers are gonna focus on suede this Fall.

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