Celebeauty x2: Lisa Wu-Hartwell and Rihanna

Hey fab friends!!

Ok, ya’ll know this is not a gossip blog so if you need your daily dose of gossip – go to TheYBF.com – they will have you in stitches and keep you up to date about all the fabulous-ness going on in Black Hollywood.

Needless to say, I found these photos over there. Let’s get into it:

My favorite Atlanta Housewife, Lisa Wu-Hartwell, showed up to the show’s premiere party looking absolutely RADIANT!! You know green is my favorite color and Lisa looks so pretty in this off the shoulder ensemble. Plus, her hair and make-up are on-point! Get it Lisa!

Always FAB for no reason, Rihanna, was on the way to lunch looking so casual fab! The sunglasses, the fedora, simple earrings, and red nails are just so . . . nice. Now I’m sure the items worn in this pic can pay my rent for 3 months, but hey, it’s Rihanna, what chu’ expect.
Click here for Rihanna’s recent NYC catwalk – basically chick has been walking around NYC, looking FAB, and going to ‘meetings’. Whatever – Live Ya LIFE!!

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