TREND ALERT: Cross-body Bags, Fall 2009

Hola Fashion People!

So, it’s AUGUST, and it’s so close to the Fall season. I have to say that this summer has certainly went quickly, but the my favorite season is on the horizon, FALL! Sweaters, tights, and suede, oh my! Anyway, you know I have to keep you up on the trends for Fall ’09 and here is one that is fashionable and practical – The Cross-Body bag.

Basically, all those bags you buy with straps, and you throw the straps in the back of your closet, they are here for the season. Strap on a bag, sling it across your body, and keep it moving. Messenger bags, mini-purses, and even slouchy hand-bags are getting strapped up. Of course, the material of choice is distressed leather and luxurious suede.

Take a look below, I’ve assembled some purses/bags for you to purchase in the $100-$300 range.

How do you feel about the cross-body bag – hit me up in the comments section.

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