WEB FIND: Fred Flare online boutique

While doing my Back to School story for the Examiner, I came across this wonderful, whimsical, online boutique. What caught my eye was their cassette tape thumb drive, but after going through the site I knew I’d be back to shop.

Fred Flare is an online boutique that features men’s and women’s apparel, accessories, and home goods. However, every item has a flare of silliness or whimsy that give the design or concept a little further than your average Target find (and you know I love target).

Fred Flare is run by two friends who moved to NYC from Chicago. They were inspired by the 100’s of boutique shops in the Soho area that featured items and trinkets at affordable prices, stuff that is not found in the mass market. The friends decided to start designing home goods. After some time they sold their designs to the same boutiques they browsed at. Now, Fred Flare has a door store in Brooklyn and an awesome online boutique.

Oh yeah, everything is supremely AFFORDABLE!!! I love it. Check them out at www.fredflare.com.

Navy Ruffled Hamptons’ Jacket – $86

Newport Ruffle Dress – $70

Chunky Bow Ring – $12

Wacky Bandages – $9

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