TREND ALERT: Doc Martens are back!

Hola peeps!


Doc Martens are back for 2009-2010. It’s so funny how fashion repeats itself and just as I was getting tired of the whole ’80’s Baby’ trend, international fashionistas and fab celebs started changing the scene. The 90’s are coming. I know you seen the ‘glam grunge’ look that has been popping up all over the place and last week I reported on the emergence of all-black Timberland Boots for the guys. Now Doc Martens are coming out of the closet.

(photo/graphic courtesy of Concrete Loop)

Above you see fab girls, Ciara, Amber Rose, and Solange, rocking various styles of Doc Martens. Going to the website, I realized there were so many different colors and styles of Doc Martens that I knew the shoe was poised to make a comeback.

Then I went to Hypebeast, and got a glimpse of what the Doc Marten brand had on tap for Spring 2010 (above pic) – a rainbow coalition Doc Marten shoes made with specially treated leather fashioned to look like canvas. NICE!!

So ladies and gentleman, would you rock the comeback shoe, Doc Marten, or would you leave them back in the 90’s? Hit me up in the comments section.

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