Reader Question: Help creating a YOUNG professional look

Hola People!

We got a fashion question from a friend of mine. She just received a great new job and wants to update her wardrobe. I decided to post her question because many young women have this problem transitioning into the business world, after being in college/grad school. Here’s her question:

“I have a question for ya–I want to increase and bring my wardrobe up to par, however I’m trying to do it one piece at a time–the first piece I need is a young professional blazer–what’s in style? Where should I go? What should I do? I know you know some age appropriate stuff for me–accessories too–I’m terrible on those!!
Thanks in advance! Shelby”

First off, you are right on track with starting to build your wardrobe one piece at a time. There is no need to spend $1000’s on a new wardrobe when you are not sure on the style/direction you want to take.

  • Clothes – Macy’s, Express, Target, Ann Taylor, and New York & Co
  • Shoes – Macy’s, Nine West, DSW, and
  • Accessories – TJ MAXX, For Love (Forever 21), Target, JC Penney

1. Simple Essentials – Pieces that help you make transitions (day/night, week/weekend, work/casual).

  • 1 Ruffled Shirt
  • 1 Colored button down shirt
  • 1 Cotton Crew neck shirt
  • 1 Cardigan
  • 1 Boyfriend Blazer
  • 1 Pencil Skirt
  • 1 Wide-legged pair of slacks
  • 1 black wrap-dress
  • 1 interesting pump
  • 1 pair black pumps

3. Accessories, Trends, and Color: These items will show the office your youthful style but still keep in the bounds of the business world. Here are 8 Items to add during your shopping travels –

  • Printed and opaque tights
  • Simple yet colorful bracelets
  • 1 hobo bag
  • Long scarf
  • Interesting sweater/cardigan
  • 2 good leather belts
  • 1 wide belt to wear over dress shirts

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