Beauty Buzz: Does Slim Shots Work?

I got an opportunity to try these new diet supplements called Slim Shots.

I’m sure you’ve seen the commercials on TV. Well, I was happy to try the product b/c I heard it had natural ingredients and it had clinical studies that proved the supplement ‘works’. The claim is that SlimShots will decrease you caloric intake by 30%. So I tried it.

First off, it’s the coffee creamer looking liquid. You can take as a shot or put it in your food. I chose to take mine as a shot, but made sure to have a yogurt or muffin to coat my stomach b/c I found you can still taste the product if you don’t eat with it. Oh yeah, it’s 20 calories per shot (for those who are counting). Also, it very convenient because it’s so small.

Taste: It’s not a bad taste, but definitely something that you have to get used to. It tastes like greasy coffee creamer. It has a consistency of skim milk. Also, it’s sweetened with a Splenda-like sweetener, so if you have ADD or ADHD it’s not recommended that you try it.

Results: Well, it DOES decrease your appetite, I can say that for sure. I choose to start on my busiest work week so that I could see if it would really work. The first shot I took at 7am (on the first day) I was not hungry until 12 noon. I took the next shot with lunch, and I wasn’t hungy for another 5 hours. Usually, I am hungry within 3 hours. So that was nice.

Conclusion: I would recommend trying it. It definitely helps you find your body’s natural hunger cycle, so you can calculate your hungriest times. That way you can plan to eat more healthy.

You can buy SlimShots at you local drug store or online at

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