Fashion News: Fashion Week Nashville – September 2010

This info was dropped in my inbox last night, and it made me so happy: Fashion Week Nashville is scheduled for September 2010 and it will be sponsored by Couture Fashion Magazine. I went to one of their fashion shows this summer, and I was impressed by the production of the show. I know that the magazine will work hard to make Fashion Week Nashville a success.

Read the press release below to see how you can be apart of the action

Fashion Week Nashville 2010

Nashville’s first ever Fashion Week presented by Couture Fashion Magazine(Franklin, TN)

On September 2010, Couture Fashion Magazine will present Nashville’s first ever Fashion Week! Fashion Week Nashville will host 30 shows featuring amazing designers and boutiques in the heart of Music City. Fashion Week Nashville is currently accepting applications. Designers and boutiques may sign up to have a show at Fashion Week Nashville.

For more information contact Fashion Week Nashville at

Couture Fashion Magazine is the online women’s fashion magazine filled with haute couture content especially tailored to their reader’s fashion interests. Couture keeps readers up to date with the latest fashions, accessories, style trends, color forecasts, health, beauty, fitness, international fashion and fashion in top US cities. To learn more about Couture Fashion Magazine, visit

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