REVIEW: Michael Jackson, This Is It Movie

I went to see the Michael Jackson’s This Is It last night with my roomies, FabGirl Sabrina and Sophie, two certifed MJ fans.

As I’m sure you know, this is rehearsal footage from Michael’s scheduled ‘final’ concert that would have been held in London. Michael had booked 50 shows filled with elaborate dance numbers, a huge digitally-enhanced set, and the most talented artists in the world. The movie goes through the practice stages of every song selected for the show – Michael says, he was going to sing ‘Fan Favorites’ and he did. Billie Jean, Beat It, Bad, Earth Song, and Man in the Mirror were some of the selctions for the show.

Let me tell you, you need to see this movie. This is the way Michael would have wanted to be remembered. He was a performing ARTIST in every since of the word. Even at the final rehearsal stage, Michael was hands-on concerning lighting, staging, and audio. None of that feathery soft voice or Peter Pan act that Michael is so famous for was evident in the film. This was grown man who new what he wanted, knew his gift, and how he wanted it to be presented.

Oftentimes, you will find yourself laughing at Michael’s overly dramatic, yet necessary perfectionist tendencies with his music director. Oh yes, you will laugh at his rehearsal apparel. Michael is ‘Michael’ -glittery high-water sweatpants, fitted tuxedo style military jackets (to practice), chomping on gum, he was only there for one thing, to perfect his craft.

Every person that worked on this concert had become a part of Michael’s family. They understood what every tick, eye-roll, hand gesture meant, and they acted accordingly. They believed in his vision.

Sadly, this movie will make you long to see what the final concert would have looked like. Everything was state-of-the-art from the costuming to the stages. Michael’s voice and body were in superb shape and it begs one to believe that this great man was really murdered and why?

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