Model Behavior: Miguel Perdomo

This is Miguel Perdomo – Male Supermodel.

I was over at Stuff Fly People Like where the Fly Guys posted about Miguel winning the Gillete Fusion Man of Style Award. Then I Googled him and came across this article on blog, ‘in a word . . .fab’. Blogger, Elle, got all in his business – Read the article HERE.
How did this dude slip past my radar!? He’s single, an NYC Native, Dominican, and all around handsome creature! There should be a legal limit on his fine-ness – and I’m not even playing! PLUS he loves Tribe Called Quest and thick women! This has to be my husband! lol
He has modeled for Sean John, Calvin Klein, Coogi, had editorials in GQ and walked at NYC Fashion week.
Tell me fab people, whatchu think about Miguel. Hit me up in the comments section.

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