Celebeauty: Ellen on the cover of ‘O’ Magazine

I was cruising through my 100’s of emails, and I came across this cute cover of Ellen and Oprah, photographed for ‘O’ magazine. It’s very rare that Oprah has anyone other than herself on the cover of her magazine, but Ellen campaigned to be on the cover and won. As you know Ellen is super-hilarious and does hysterical acts to get the best from her celebrity friends and guests. So, it’s only fitting that Oprah give in and let Ellen have some fun.

All the covers are too cute and really makes me excited about the holiday season. My favortie is the gingerbread house cover. Ellen looks like a pesky Christmas elf with her tailored patchwork blazer and slim-fit pants. While Oprah is killin’ ’em with the evergreen dress. The silhouette created by the cinched wait, is just fitting for Oprah’s frame. Good stuff!!

Ellen and Orpah shot 4 covers for the holiday magazine. You can go to http://www.oprah.com/survey/omagazine/200912-omag-cover-poll – to vote for you favorite cover.

Tell me what you think in the comments section.

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