Hola Fab Fans!

I love the holiday season and I love my FAB readers. Of course, each New Year I’m thinking of making some FAB changes to Fab Glance Nashville. So, when you don’t see me post, just understand I’m changing things around, making contacts, and working to give Nashville the best Urban Fashion Blog in the City!

Ok, so I go some extra merchandise I need to give away. Why not do it during Christmas? So how can you get this FAB STUFF (tote bag w/ new logo, t-shirt, magnet) well it’s easy, become a FACEBOOK FAN and on December 18, 2009, I’ll pick a lucky reader to win a Fab Glance item. It’s easy.

We want 250 total fans by December 18. So invite your friends, neighbors, cousins, to become fabs on Facebook. You know I give you all the FAB fashion info, your friends should know too.
Click the link below or the box to the right to become a fan!

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