A FAB CAUSE: 500 Toys & Uniforms

My twitter friend Shaun King, pastor of The Courageous Church in downtown ATLANTA alerted me to this wonderful cause this morning.

He and his church are raising money to give youth at the Stanton Elementary school new uniforms and a toy of their choice. Why? Well 95% of the youth that attend the school live below the poverty level. Their families may not be able to afford food for the week, let alone gifts for Christmas, so donating any amount will help the cause.

Shaun and his church want to donate $25,000 by tomorrow – as you can read on his blog – he has no plan b. So, I believe by faith that we can help Shaun raise the money for these young ones! I already donated, why not you too? Any amount is truly appreciated AND 100% of the donations will go to the kids! Now, how cool is that – you can help someone across the country have a Merry Christmas!

To Donate go here: http://www.500toys.org/

Oh yeah – watch this video – if you don’t give at least $5 after seeing these kids faces brighten up while opening their gifts well then you just ain’t that FAB – lol!

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