LISTEN: Mary J Blige – Stronger With Each Tear (Review)

Mary J. Blige has a new album online and in stores today, just in time for the holidays. I’ve listened to the album several times in the past few days and I like it. I have to admit the project is much stronger than 2007’s Growing Pains‘ but not as good as 2005’s The Breakthrough.

Lyrically the content is great, very uplifting, very soulful, very Mary. She kept it in the safe-zone by pleasing her fans. She has a track with ‘golden boy’ Drake called ‘The One’ that was featured in a Verizon commercial earlier this year. The track is the lead of the album, but the stand out song that will keep you moving is her song with T.I. called ‘Good Love’ (It’s my favorite). The theme song to the hit movie Precious is great too – a very blues-y song with a underline of pain that only Mary’s voice can deliver.

Overall I’d give this album a solid B+. Next time, Mary, don’t try an play it so safe.

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