WEB FIND: Looklet

When I find cool fashion things on the Internet – I gotta let my fab readers know. This, by far, is on my t0p 10 list of cool websites. Looklet is like an online paper doll website. The website offers real models and real designer clothes that you can mix and match to create looks. In addition they offer cool backgrounds – not the cheesy kid-type background, but magazine worthy tear sheets for you to use. I was playing around and made the look below this morning. You likey?This site is great for me. As a stylist I have to practice my craft. Often, I can go a couple of weeks without a styling job, but my skills need to be on point when the time is right. So every Wednesday, I will submit a look of the week using the Looklet platform. Tell me what you think, what you could change, and all that jazz.

Hey, you can join too! Go to www.looklet.com to join the styling fun. Oh yeah, they also have cool contests and prizes to give for the best looks. I’m telling you, this site is really addictive!

Tell me what you think, in the comments section.

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