Fashion Forum: What to wear to the Stellar Awards


So, award season is upon us once again. Although Nashville is no L.A. we have our fair share of award ceremonies to descend upon the city. This week is Stellar Award week. The Stellar Awards recognize African-Americans in the gospel music arena. All over Nashville there will be industry meet-ups, panel discussions about the industry, and music showcases.

Some of my Fab readers have asked “What to wear to the Stellar’s?” Well, I’ve been to several Stellar events and one thing I’ve noticed is that people either overdress or under dress for the ceremony and events. Most times people fail to remember that this is a Christian event and ‘modesty is the best quality’. You can dress modestly and still be stylish. The African-American culture is know for it’s style and flourish. So add some of your favorite accessories to complete a look for the stellars.

As you can see I’ve assembles several looks for the awards ad after party. One thing to remember, if you are not nominated for an award there is NO NEED for you to wear a ball gown! Be dressy casual, like the model above. A dressy skirt suit or pants suit would be ideal. Also, the weather in Nashville is very frigid – super cold to be exact. So you are going to have to wear plenty layers to keep warm as you shuttle between events.

The showcases are always the best place to meet you favorite gospel celebrity. The key to dressing for this affair is to be funky, cute, and comfy. Flat, over-the-knee boots, slim jeans, and a sparkly tunic style shirt would fit the bill. This is the time to try one of those trends you been itching to try.

Of course layers are key as the walk to the venue can be cold, but inside the venue can be hot. During the day, if you happen to go to any of the forums or meet-and-greet activities, you can be dressy casual. I assembled a bonus look below, to aid in you outfit choice.

I hope this helps all my Stellar visitors. If you have nay questions or need any advice on what to wear, shoot me an email. I’m you personal stylist –!

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