Fashion Spotlight: Nicola Formichetti, He styles Lady Gaga and does other stuff too

I knew Lady Gaga was very instrumental in designing and creating her own clothing and costumes, but Nicola Formichetti is one of the master minds behind her current creations. He designed the look for the Fame Moster tour and album cover, as well as many of her current appearances. Remember the MTV music awards outfits – yup that was Nicola.

But more than being Lady Gaga’s stylist (he said the met on a photo shoot and instantly clicked)he is the Creative director of DAZED & CONFUSED, Fashion director of VOGUE HOMMES JAPAN, Senior fashion editor of ANOTHER MAN, Contributing fashion editor of V, V MAN, and ANOTHER and he has a blog – All this and he is just 32!! Ughh, can I be him for a day?!

Currently he lives between NYC, London, and Tokyo because he is so busy. He also styles Maxwell, Justin Timberlake, Scarlett Johansson, and Ashton Kutcher. Really!? Oh yeah, he just consluted on V Magazine’s size issue. He may just be my new favorite person.
Learn more about Nicola on his website – – >

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