FAB FIND: Tokidoki Watches

I am a bonifide watch collector, and although my collection is Swatch heavy, there are a couple of brands that catch my eye. I love a watch that has original design and can be a conversation piece and my newest web find does just that.

Tokidoki timepieces are designed by Simone Legno, a Rome native. The brand started off as, funny enough, a blog/website. Simone journaled and shared his awesome graphic design and character work with the world. In 2003, the co-owner of Hard Candy cosmetics was inspired by Legno’s work and asked him to start a brand featuring his artwork. Now, Tokidoki (which mean ‘sometimes’ in Japanese) is a growing brand of watches, apparel, handbags, and skateboards.

(Artist/Designer Simone Legno)

Clearly, I am in love with Tokidoki and I cannot wait to get my hand on a new watch. I think I may start with the first watch listed below – the Tokidoki Unisex Vinile watch. Click the links below the watch to purchase.

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