New artists show their fab fashion at the USC after-party

Stellar weekend was def a great time this year. This was the 25th year for the ceremony so many old-school artists came to the award to sing their greatest hits. Word has it that Shirley Ceaser, Tremaine Hawkins, Kirk Franklin, and Richard Smallwood performed at the award ceremony. But new independent artists are making their way to the gospel music scene and will soon be the ones to be spotlighting their greatest hits.

Here are a couple new artists that were on the scene at the Urban Soul Cafe after party:


King is a group out of Miami, Florida. FabGirl Sabrina pretty much went wild when these young men appeared on stage. Sabrina and the FabGirl’s roomie Sophie (a singer as well) are from South Florida. The girls were excited to see such an awesome group! The group mixes hip hop and r&b sounds (Think T-Pain, Day 26, and Pretty Ricky) with gospel. These boys can actually SING, and there’s not really a group out there like them right now. Make sure to support them by buying their album.


First up are my new fav group the Still Trill Christians. Still Trill Christians (STC) were the first gospel hip-hop group to appear and perform on BET’s 106 Park. STC are from Texas and were all intially secular (non-christian) solo artists. After being called by God the group used their pasts to channel positive songs about abstinance and celibacy. Oh yeah, they not only rap they sing too.


Mali Music is gospel music’s newest gospel sensation. His single, ‘I Hate You’ and ‘Avalyble’ have burned up the charts and have allowed Mali to gain an crazy following. He tours constantly and has fans that span all age groups. Mali hails from Savannah, GA. He started playing piano at the age of 5 and wrote his first song at 8. He is a singer, songwriter, and producer. Oh, and his voice, is like butter. It’s a mix of D’Angelo, Otis Redding, and Sam Cooke. He is def someone you need to put on your radar.


Mixtape of the Year, 2009

Remember the Souljah Boy’s song , Crank Dat? Well, T’Jaun came up with the Christian equivalent, and church craze, ‘Crank Dat Church Boy’. With his boyish good looks and well-pulled together presentation T’Juan is posied to be gospel rap’s biggest success. You would think the Jacksonville, FL nativie, who has shared the stage with Bow Wow, Da’ Truth, and Mr. Del would be plenty cocky, but he is so humble. He shared with me how he just wants to reach young people with his music and make sure that God is pleased. Oh yeah, he did have Mixtape of the Year for gospel rap in 2009 – so I’m pretty sure his success if coming.

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