4Real Fashion: What I wore to Nashville Newzine Model Event

Ms. Lyssa found the limited edition Rodarte for Target skeleton dress specifically for me to wear to the Nashville Newzine Model Event. (So I didn’t win…but I looked great while losing! *smiles* ) This dress is not available on the Target website anymore because it sold out, just that quickly!

Ms. Lyssa found the dress at a local Target, in Nashville. The dress was 50.00, and it was so worth it! I felt like a million bucks last night! So if you see a Rodarte dress in your size at your local Target, and you love it…get it now, before it’s gone. Rodarte opened this line at Target for a limited time starting December 20th 2009. Almost every dress is already sold out on Target.com.

Here is a picture of me wearing the dress, styled by Ms. Lyssa herself:

Ms Lyssa also went to TJ Maxx and found this funky black leather jacket for $24.00! What a steal huh? Pair it all up with black pumps from Nine West, and wide fish net stockings, one chandelier earing, and fabulous hair helped to create a look that’s all my own.
B Fab People!
FabGirl Sabrina

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