Celeb Style: Kanye and Amber cause a fashion frenzy

So it’s Fashion Week in Paris and the celebs are out in full-force. However, the biggest buzz has been caused by Kanye and his girlfriend Amber Rose. Amber has become well-known for her fashion choices and fashion risks. This week she’s at the top of her game. Barely there dresses, full-length fur coats, and couture creations has the fashion world going crazy.

Amber sports the exclusive Louis Vuitton mink muff/fanny pack
But, Kanye, never to be out shined – has made some great fashion statements too. He doesn’t have a problem with the fur, nor studs (check his exclusive Christan Louboutin Rollerball Loafers), nor jewelry. Always keeping a confident attitude, Kanye never misses a beat with his choices and doesn’t appear afraid of what paparazzi and fashion bloggers have to say.
Forget her dress, check the couples shoes: Burberry for her, Christian Louboutin for him
To top it off, the couple reportedly is styling themselves!!! Something that rarely happens in celeb culture these days. Paris paparazzi report no stylists have been seen at the hotel or in the entourage. And I can believe it, because they have been repeating pieces all week (see Amber’s Burberry Porsum Leather Ankle boots and Kanye’s tan-colored full-length mink).
Gold and diamond pinky ring for Kanye
And that’s the best thing about being fashion forward. Fashion is about being different and it’s about being yourself. Who wants to live in a cookie cutter society. We need the Kanye’s, Amber’s, Rihanna, and Pharrel’s to spice up the fashion scene with their fashion selections. Kanye and Amber’s style has kept people talking all week and will only force the viewing public to step up their fashion in their suburban hometowns.

Day 4 – Amber wears a White Alexander Wang motorcycle jacket with Burberry boots

The couple gears up for Fashion Week. Kanye in  full-length fur. Amber wears a jersey dress, fur coat, and suede Louboutins.
The couple arrive on Day 1. Check Amber’s mink puff jacket and Doc Martin boots. A great mix of hi/lo pieces that repeats throughout the week.

Photos courtesy of:http://www.kanyewest.us/

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