CELEB STYLE: 52nd Grammy – Beyonce’s Looks (pics)

Beyonce had a good performance last night on the 52nd annual Grammy celebration. Her voice is flawless – no lie about that. Now, her clothing choices always leave me with a blank stare – she never looks quite right. There’s always too much or too little. Here’s here Grammy looks from last night.

(All photos courtesy of Grammy.com)

Here’s what she wore on the Red Carpet.

  • I love the color
  • I love the shape – she never fails in this fish-tail style
  • Hated the print/macrame embellishment
  • Hated the hair – did you see the gold glitter streaks – no ma’am

Here’s our best friend on stage. I was screaming in my seat, because she didn’t have a onesie/bodysuit on. Thank God! I love the shape of this cocktail dress, with the hardness of the metal embellishments – Go Bey. The shoes were on point too – especially for a dance sequence.

BUT – there was a bit of controversy. Beyonce and Rihanna wore the same dress – not at the same time – but it IS the same dress. Rihanna wore the dress in a 2009 editorial for Vogue Italia. Of course each lady was styled different, but no celeb wants to be caught wearing the same dress as another – no matter what the occasion. I’m sure some heads will roll for this misstep.

And here she is accepting her award for Best Song (I think) she received so many awards last night. And she chooses to wear this thing for her acceptance. SIGH! It was short, cleavage baring, and weirdly textured. Man, Beyonce, can’t get right. Well, I’m sure doesn’t care about my commentary (seeing as though she a multi-millionaire) but I had to say something.

Oh yeah – she FINALLY, FINALLY, recognized Jay-Z as her husband and said “I love you, babe.” During her acceptance speech. That redeemed her from this awful design.

What are your thoughts?

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