America’s Next Top Model: Where are they now?

Anyone who knows me (FabGirl Sabrina) knows that I am a HUGE America’s Next Top Model fan. I often wonder what happens to the girls after they leave the show. Now we all know about the model’s that have gone on to be super famous after being on ANTM( Eva Marcille, Bre, Adrianne Curry etc). But what about the ones who we think we’ll never see again? Well it turns out, we see them all the time and we just don’t know it. Thank God for hair and makeup huh?

Today’s ANTM Where are they now is…

Cycle 11 Winner Mckey!
Here are some of the photos of her during cycle 11…
As you can see…Mckey was stunning! She’s been in magazines all over the world, and she’s been in tons of Fashion Shows. Check out some of her most recent pictures…

Oh how I love a fabulous girl in an even more fabulous photoshoot. Congrats Mckey!!!

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