Fashion Forum: SPRING FORWARD – How to transiton to spring, while it’s still cold

Hello Fashion Friends!

I haven’t answered a fashion forum question in a lil while. So why not today?

Well this question comes from ME, Ms. Lyssa. I live in TN and I’m used to it getting warm by the end of February. But, this weird weather has the temps still dipping into the low 30’s with chances of rain and snow coming almost every week. So what is a girl to do? I’m so ready to wear my spring clothes, but I can’t – for fear of catching pneumonia or some other disease related to cold weather. I’m sure you have this dilemma too.

Well the best way to spring forward while the weather is still dreary is to add COLOR! Spice up your cold weather apparel with spring colors. Take a nod from Pantone (they research the fashion market and come up with the color trends for future seasons) and start adding the trend colors into your cold weather wardrobe.

Here’s the colors trends that Pantone issued for Spring 2010:

Another great trick is layering on the color. For instance, I have a cute green dress but it’s too cold to wear it alone, so I add a black turtle neck, black skinny jeans, and boots to change up the look. Similar to the look below.

Also, another good way to add some cute flirty looks to your spring-ish look is to cruise the sale racks for colorful winter looks (that others may have passed over):
From Old Navy online

Well, this surely helped me – even fashionistas can have problems especially when it come s to transitioning. I hope it helped you too. Hit me up in the comments section – give me your tips on transitioning from winter to spring.

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