Celeb Style: Friday Fashion Round Up

Another fab week of fashion has ended.  We picked our favorites for the week. Hope you Enjoy!

Zoe Saldana is fabulous in this beautiful peach gown, while receiving an award in her home island of the Dominican Republic.
It’s hard to believe J Lo had twins just a few years ago. She is stunning!
We just got word that Beyonce has sold over 3 million dollars worth of her new perfume (Heat). Here she is showing it off in a fabulous blue mini.
I’ll admit that I actually like this look on Kanye West’s girlfriend and model Amber Rose. This is a very nice look for her. Fab Approved indeed.
Will Demi Moore-Kutcher ever look her age? She is beautiful in this LBD. Don’t hurt em’ Demi!
Ms.Lyssa loves LC (Lauren Conrad) who is fabulous in this confortable tan mini.
Adrienne Bailon is looking fly on the cover of Signature Magazine. We were told this shoot was styled by Rae Holiday from Stuff Fly People Like . Good job Rae!
If you’re gonna be Rihanna, I suppose you have to look this fab while attending the Billboard at Club Playhouse in Hollywood. She was celebrating her single “Rude Boy” becoming her latest #1 single.
Ladies, This is a girl after my own heart. A fabulous yellow mini in march could only be pulled off my Mrs. Sarah Jessica Parker. Loves her.
And finally, Shaunie O’neal shows us that if she has to grieve over her failed marriage to Shaq, she has to grieve fabulously. Check her out in this month’s latest addition of Essence Magazine.

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