MUSIC: Monica’s new album – ‘Still Standing’

I am very excited about this new project by Monica. Growing up, Monica and fellow R&B teen sensation Brandy, were two of my favorite artists. I could never pick a favorite, but I knew I identified with their style, lyrics, and their personas. I always loved Monica’s ‘around the way’ mentality. Monica seemed like the friend who would fight with you and for you. She was always a bit sassy with a sensitive side.

So, when Monica publicly suffered a couple of personal blows including the death/suicide of her boyfriend I was sad to see her go, but knew she needed that time to recuperate. Then she came back, her last album, The Makings of Me, was good but not great. It seemed to be a fruit cocktail of old Monica trying to be a new Monica, trying to please the record label. It didn’t do as well. She has publicly stated that. So she went back to the lab. She came back with a new show on BET.

I wasn’t so happy about that. I didn’t want my Monica showing the world her faults. But that show proved to be a good move. Her popularity increased. She had to prove to the world that she wasn’t just a washed up 90’s star. She had to make people remember that she has one of the best voices in the industry today. In addition, she had to prove to herself that she could make a hit.

Monica’s new video – Everything to Me

Having your project on TV is a risky situation. But I feel it helps the audience understand the struggle that artists have as they try to be true to their craft and try to make money to survive. So we watched Monica struggle with her health, finances, raising a family, and making music. What culminated was a fantastic album. The album has a great theme of surviving in the face of adversity and using love to pull you through and the songs tell a story. The album gets an ‘A’ from me.

The album has 10 tracks but each scores an B+ or above. Currently, ‘Love All Over Me’, is the song that I have on repeat. It’s a lovely song. ‘Stay or Go’ is an upbeat track that the ladies will love. Of course ‘Everything to Me’ has taken the airwaves by storm (video above). So, download or go buy Monica’s new album. You will be impressed.

If you want to listen to a sample of Monica’s album, click the picture below.

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