STYLING: My latest looks from Looklet -TRANSITION style

Hola Fab Ones!!

Well, Fabgirl Sabrina and I have been moving over the weekend, so we might be a lil light on stories this week. Don’t front, we will be rolling the stories out by Wednesday.

So, I decided to share a little bit of my practice style with you. I was doing a story on transitioning from Winter to Spring and I assembled these two outfits – take a look:

This one takes a summer trend (the jumpsuit), and adds a lil twist to keep you warm if the weather is a bit chilly. It’s always good to wear layers during this time of the year. Keep it simple and you’ll look great.

Next up is this cute little ensemble that I pulled together. It puts together all the stuff I love – knee socks, oxford shoes, boyfriend cutoffs, and button-down shirts. This look can be flipped so many ways. Take the shorts off and add a skirt and you’ll look very fly!
If you like any of the looks, make sure you click on the pic and vote for the look.
You can play with style too by joining

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