MUSIC: Jaheim, Heshima, and Karen Clark-Sheard

Hola Fab Friends!

You know we love music over here at Fab Glance. Here’s a couple of projects I think you should add to your collection.

First up we have Jaheim. Jaheim has been in the game for a long time and is known to give his audience a smooth laid back groove with every project. His last project, The Makings of a Man, was not so good but it did bring one good hit, ‘Never’. Now, Jaheim is back and this time he put on his game face. The new album, Another Round, is much better. The songs are more relavant and suited for his smooth velvet voice, and the themes of love are great. It’s a must purchase. Right now it’s $5.00 on AMAZON. My favorite tracks are ‘Her’, ‘Whoa’, ‘In My Hands’, and ‘Finding My Way Back’.

Next up is an independent artist named, Heshima. He hails from my hometown, Springfield, MA. Just like in Nashville, in Springfield there are so many local artists who don’t get the popularity they deserve because they don’t have a major label pushing them. Heshima falls in that category. His first project, Round & Round, has been getting plenty of local attention. He’s been rocking stages all over western Mass. Heshima not only has a smooth soulful sound, reminiscent of Kem or Kenny Lattimore, he is a beast on the bass. In addition, the project was produced by my cousin, Nick Caudle and his production team LC3. The album is available for download on Itunes and Amazon.Lastly, we have a vetern of Gospel, Ms. Karen Clark Sheard. It’s been a minute since Ms. Karen released a project. Her fans will be happy to know that this one, titled All In One, is great. All In One features several uptempo songs and several signature Karen songs. My favorites being ‘Take Me’ and ‘He Knows’. The reviews tout this project as one of Karen’s best solo projects (nothing can be 2002’s, 2nd Chance) and I think I may agree. Check it out on Itunes and Amazon.

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