READ THIS – Watches: The Ultimate Guide by Fabienne Reybaud

OK – all my fab friends know that I am watch collector. By no means is my collection one that needs to be locked in a safe when not being worn, but I do admire a good watch. So when I saw this book on I was super excited. It also put me in mind of the Watch Fair this weekend at King Jewelry.

When you claim to be a fashionable-type person, I feel you should always have a trademark. You know, something people always know you for. I’ve decided my thing is gonna be watches. It’s gonna be nice when I have enough money to splurge on a one-of-a-kind timepiece.

My grandfather always said you can tell the status of a man by his watch and his shoes. Watches are one of things, those little details, that (if you catch it) you know what type of person you are dealing with. Especially during this day because people don’t really wear watches. We have cell phones and Ipods to tell us what time it is. Having a watch is no longer a necessity, so when I see someone wearing a watch it give me a bit of insight on their character.

So anyway, the book seems like a good read, and I def will be adding it to my collection. Here’s more details and purchase info:

A watch follows its owner wherever he or she goes, immediately revealing its owner’s taste, financial means, and attention to the wheels of time. Over the past 10 years, watches (once merely functional tools) have become true objects of desire.

Whether fashion accessories or collectors’ pieces, the watches available today span all sectors, from mass-market to luxury. With an increase in the number of trademarks, collections, and styles, the market for watches is growing annually and offering such a vast selection that it is increasingly difficult to understand it and to make one’s own choice. Auctions abound, offering astounding, and somewhat confusing, new records: $3.4 million, for example, for a Patek Philippe watch in 200.

After the success of her first edition, French horology specialist Fabienne Reybaud, returns as your guide in this updated version.

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