How are we doing in Nashville?

Shout out to all my fab fans all over the world.

You have hit me up on twitter and Facebook asking how Nashville is doing. The truth is, not so good. The video below can give you a bit of insight on how bad the storm was. Personally, my home was not affected but everything around me was, from trees falling down, to I24 (which is how I travel) being shut down, life pretty much stopped. Currently, all public transportation is shut down. Our downtown area, looks like a giant lake. Additionally, one of our major malls, Opry Mills, is now closed as it is underneath about 3 feet of water. Sources say it may not re-open until the Christmas season.

My thoughts are with the families of the surrounding areas – Bellevue, Franklin, Antioch, and Clarksville, which were hit pretty bad by flash floods. Prayer’s are def needed in this time of confusion. More links will be posted on how to donate and help during this terrible tragedy.

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