Good Morning Fashion Friends!

Well Nashville continues to dry off from the flood. After getting my bearings, I realized I had a couple of reader questions sitting in my inbox. So why not answer them!?
A reader from NYC (yup NYC) twitpic’d me a picture of her prom dress asking for assistance on helping her accessorize: Hey Ms. Lyssa – I live in NYC and I’ve picked my prom dress. Question, what kind of jewelry can I wear with a dress like this? Do I wear a necklace? What about shoes? Please help ~ Gabbi

Wow! We didn’t wear dresses like this when I went to the prom – lol. Immediately when I saw this dress it reminded me of the dress Halle Berry wore to the Golden Globe Awards a couple years ago. A dress like this is ultra sophisticated and it speaks for itself. No need to pile on a bunch of jewelry. The dazzling jewel accents on the gown and the elegant draping details allow this dress (and the wearer) to be a show-stopper with little to no work required.
My suggestions for accessorizes: Earrings, cocktail ring, sparkly bracelet, super fab clutch, and jewel-encrusted sandals. Add a super-fine date wearing a classic tuxedo and you will be looking like you are red for the Oscar Awards! Check the boxes I assembled below to get a good idea on what type/style accessories you can look for. Forever 21 always has great jewelry for cheap too. Everything I pulled is $50 or less, great for your prom budget. I hope this helps:

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