Fashion Forum: Sequin Summer

As I am continuing to plan my outfit for the pink carpet at May 28th’s Sexy for the Cure – Sex And The City Event, I have become enamored with sequin details. I was talking to Fab Girl Sabrina and I was telling her how much I wanna wear flashy-dashy sequin something to the event. That reminded me that every summer there is one trend I just latch on to and it has to have a home in my closet. This summer, sequin is the winner. Click on the pictures for purchase details.

Sequin details are not new on the fashion scene. Around the end of 2009, designers started showing lots of sequin on the runway. Now, it’s everywhere from bags to shirts to shoes. I even saw a wretched pair of sequined leggings at a club event I attended – umm not a good look. But like every trend there will be some good interpretations and some very bad ones.

For me, I’m gonna stick with the one or two sequin pieces. I’m really digging the Target Sequin tank at the top of the post. It’s only 19.99 -which is a good price when you just want to ‘try-out’ a trend. Something as flashy as a whole sequined top can look so great with a tailored pair of wide-leg trousers, dark denim jeans, and/or a cute little mini-skirt.

Ooh this sequin mini skirt from Forever 21 is a good look too!
Anyway, sequin details can be worn day and night; it just depends on what you wear the piece with. Of course you can’t wear the miniskirt, but the tank-top with the sequin pocket can easily be worn under a white blazer and transitioned to a night time event. Oh yeah, don’t wear more than one sequin piece at a time – now you just doing too much – lol!

Sequin doesn’t have to be dressy either. These sequin Chuck Taylor sneakers can be worn during the day. But for the fearless fashionista, these would rock at the club on breezy summer night. Paired with a pair of denim leggings and cute but basic t-shirt, you will be a guaranteed trendsetter.

So when you see me, I will have some sequin on and it will be FAB. You should try it too.

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