Model Behavior: Rima Fakih wins the Miss USA title + a bit of controversy

Congrats to Miss Michigan, Rima Fakih for winning the Miss USA title. Rima Fakih is hold a degree from the University of Michigan and she aspires to be a lawyer when she finishes her Miss USA duties. Rima is the first Miss USA of Muslim descent, although she celebrates Muslim and Christian holidays. Basically, she’s an all American girl.

So what’s up with the controversy?
Well at first, the whole Miss USA association that was under fire, for requiring the contestants to take lingerie photos for their contestant’s package (view photos here). Many said that a beauty pageant shouldn’t be using “Maxim” style pictures for the contest. Noting that that Miss USA is supposed to be a family show. Donald Trump, the pageant creator stood by the company’s choice for the ladies to pose scantily clad (source). I’m thinking Mr. Trump wanted to level the playing field of “This girl won, oops, I forgot I had those pictures on the internet”, so let everyone take a sexy picture. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s a truth.
I agree that the lingerie pic (if not totally gorgeous) are a bit over -the-top for a beauty pageant. However, the ladies are always asked to pose in bikinis and bathing suits (even for Miss Teen USA) and no one ever blinks an eye. I’m calling double standard on this situation. C’mon America, it’s cool to pose in a teeny bikini, but not in a shadow-y sexy lingerie shoot? Hmm. America uses sex to make money all the time. We all know that the pageant scene is losing steam in this day, so why not have some sort of scandal to attract viewers.

Anyway, Miss USA is fiercely beautiful and I’m sure she had no problem posing for both. She will make it pretty far. Plus the girl is actually smart. These ladies know what they are getting into when they enter the pageant world. After all, they a choosing a career were success is based on looks *kanyeshrug*.
What are your thoughts?

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