STYLE: Dress like Charlotte from Sex And The City

Oh yes, the day is coming soon! May 28th is the official opening of the Sex And The City 2 movie. From the trailers, the fashion is even more over the top and the storyline is more complex. What will Carrie, Miranda, Samantha, and Charlotte get into this time around? This week, FAB GLANCE NASHVILLE will spotlight the characters and the way they dress. Who do you identify with?

Of course the Fab Girls are attending the biggest premiere party in Nashville, Sexy for the Cure: SATC 2 Premiere on Friday night. There’s still tix available for the after party and the 2nd movie theater at Green Hills mall. Even if you didn’t get tix for the premiere party, this is still the perfect night to go out with your girls and channel your inner Sex And the City diva. Are you a Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie, or Samantha? Take the test here.
When I took the test, I had a Miranda personality, but of course I identify most with Charlotte when it comes to clothing selections! I love her prim, proper, an pulled together dress code.

Kristen Davis, who plays Charlotte in the SATC series/movies, has the perfect shape to wear these classic clothes. Her small waist and wide hips allow her to wear the cutest cocktail dresses and tailored blouses. Take a look at the sets I designed inspired by Charlotte:
So are you are Charlotte? By day she’s almost little girl sweet with her monochromatic tones. For her, matchymatchy is no big deal when your as cute as her. By night she has a sassy shoulder bearing ensemble that will bring any man to his knees. However, our Charlotte always stays classy! Hope to see you with your crew Friday night.

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