STYLE: Are you Miranda? Sex and the City 2

Alrighty, we are moving forward with Sex and the City week over here at Fab Glance. Yesterday, I featured the looks of Charlotte (one of my fave characters from the series). Today we focus on the straight-laced lawyer, super-mom, and Carrie’s best friend, Miranda.

If you are familiar with the series, you noticed that of all the ladies, Miranda’s look improved season by season. I like the direction her character too (fashion-wise) because that is the natural progression of women in real-life. You learn your body, you start to dress better, and you find what works for you as the years pass.

I love the season when Miranda had a baby. Cynthia Nixon really gained 20lbs to simulate a post-baby body. Patrica Fields, the wardrobe stylist for SATC series/movies really conveyed a strong message for the female viewers out there: You can still be sexy after having a baby.
Miranda has a straight body-type, almost athletic and she doesn’t have much of a waist. Women with this shape have to focus on creating an hour-glass silhouette. That means adding:

  • lots of belts that cinch your waist
  • lots of contrast colors that bring attention to your assets
  • graphic designs
  • some form fitting dress
  • some a-line dresses

Take a look at Miranda by Day (below). You see, she’s all business, but continues to be fashionable. Chunky jewelry, men’s style watch, a thick belt, and sexy heels bring a boring and basic career suit up to fashion flexing status.

For going out, our Miranda types are all about strategic color and graphic design. Notice how this dress’ design creates a waist for an otherwise straight girl. In the series, Miranda is never scared of a good accessory, but never goes for more than two big items in an ensemble at one time.

So if you are the Miranda type, update your closet by using some of these tips. Hope to see you on the PINK CARPET at the Sexy For the Cure: SATC2 Premiere Party.
Tomorrow: SAMANTHA!!

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