SUMMER 101: Can I still wear my maxi dress in 2010?

Let’s continue with our SUMMER 101 series. So with the summer fast approaching, I’ve been getting alot of twitter questions asking about what’s still ‘In’ for summer. Mostly everyone is asking about Maxi Dresses.

Well as you can see from our lead picture above, Sarah Jessica Parker, is seen sporting a cinch waist maxi-dress in the SATC2 movie. If SJP can wear it, then you know it’s gets an approval from me. Purchase one like SJP’s at Victoria’s Secret.

The difference this year is the style. Since maxi-dresses have become a summer sundress staple, many retailers are changing the game, and giving us different designs that are ON TREND with 2010. We love maxi dresses because they are versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear. Going on a date, to a family picnic, or out on the town, there is a maxi-dress that you can wear. Oh yeah, they are GREAT at cover those slight imperfections.

The best new maxi-dress trends for 2010 are: The cinch-waist shown on SJP (above), the maxi-tank dress, Tie Die prints, One shoulder, ethnic/tribal prints, and florals. Take a look below at my examples.

Maxi-tank dress available at This tank dress is great for ladies with toned shoulders and an athletic build. The Aline design flatters a straighter figure.

I love the one shoulder maxi dress style. This is great for going out with the girls or on a date with your summer boo. Make sure to get a supportive strapless bra to keep your shoulders, fuss free. Purchase this dress at Arden B (Green Hills).

The tie dye trend is back for summer 2010. I love this style for more casual affairs. Through on a pair of gladiators and you’re on you way to that family BBQ. Purchase this dress at eDressMe.

Next up we have the tribal/ethnic print that is so popular this year. Very fab and very colorful. This dress is definitely for someone who is not afraid of bold bright colors. Purchase this dress at ASOS online boutique.
Lastly, we have the feminine and pretty designs of this year’s floral prints. This year’s florals are not a big and bold as last year, but are delicate and pretty. Once again, Arden B is the place to go for this pretty summer dress.

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