STYLE: Are you Carrie? Sex And The City 2

Aww fab guys and girls, this our final installment of out ‘Are You’ Series for the Sex and The City 2 movie week. The ladies of Fab Glance have had a fun time revealing the styles of our favorite fashion ladies, Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, and Carrie.
So of course I had to save the best for last, the one and only Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie’s style has surely evolved over the seasons and movies. As I researched the finer points of Carries character style I was surprised to find out the reason behind Carrie’s quirky style – no designers would lend clothes to the little known show. Yup, in the beginning the HBO series, Sex and The City, had no pull in the fashion world, so wardrobe stylist Patricia Field searched the vintage boutiques in NYC to pull Carrie’s wardrobe.
Patricia said she was inspired by the young ladies in NYC, the way they mixed hi/lo pieces, trends, and retro styles. Carrie was born out of desperation. It goes to show that anyone can become a fashionista.
Of course, as the show gained popularity, the designers came running to the show’s costume designers and stylists. Sarah Jessica Parker’s petite frame and toned build allowed her to wear the cutest of sample clothes and apparel. Carrie started wearing more designer pieces, BUT Patricia stayed close to Carrie’s creative roots and whimsical character taste pairing outfits such as an expensive Manolo Blahnik shoe with a vintage capri cargo pant.
Carrie is also known for repeating an item. Remember the trend busting ‘flower on the lapel’ that Carrie wore for so many episodes. Carrie showed girls that you could pull together your own style and use the trends.

So if you are a Carrie type (or want to be), what do you need in your closet?
  • Stilettos will be your best friend
  • No fear – when it comes to thrift and vintage shopping
  • One designer item that can last a couple of seasons
  • A signature accessory
  • Confidence of steal – sometimes you ensembles will not get crowd appreciation

Below, I give you my version of Carrie (Day and Night). Take a look.

Carrie by Day has mixed a vintage belt with draped mini skirt, Don Donna lace wedges, and a colorful cotton tank top. Carrie types have fun with their clothes. Match or don’t match, it doesn’t matter because one of your pieces will start a conversation.
Carrie by Night is a bit more sophisticated. But the whimsical side is still apparent. Take a look at the vintage beaded clutch she is holding. Her Klara Sjons Nisson dress is a handmade find of course, but she pair it with designer heels.


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