Fab Girl Melissa Celebrates 32 years!

Well, the Fab Crew helped me celebrate 32 years of life on this past weekend. It was a great time I tell you the truth! Above, is a pic of some of the guests from the party. A lot of the guys left because the party was the same night as Game 7 of the Lakers vs Celtics game (LOL). But we had a wonderful dinner at Cantina Laredo in the Gulch. After a wonderful Mexican dinner, my favorite artist, Damien Horne serenaded me! OUTSIDE! Singing one of my fave songs! Needless to say I was quite overwhelmed! I felt loved and blessed. (Oh yeah, hit Damien up on ITUNES, his music is the truth!)

However, even before I had my birthday party, my friends surprised me with 14 DAYS OF GIFTS. From June 1 – June 14, they left a gift by my bedroom door every morning. My Love Language is gifts. (If you’ve ever read this book called, The Five Love Languages, then you’d know what I’m talking about, make sure to read the book). So I got some really cool gifts, like a new bag, some fashion and style books, money/gift cards, etc.

The whole gesture was quite thoughtful! Shouts out to the birthday crew/committee – Fab Girl Sabrina (@sabrinawashy), Latricia M (@minorthings), Jessica aka Stix (@imjessSTIX), April Joyce (@ajellington), Sophie (@singingsophie23), and the homie Leah. 

Oh yeah shots out to some silent investors who helped purchase this AWESOME cake! It’s me, on a cake, Fabulous!
Then we went out on the town to celebrate! Fab Girls gotta do an impromptu photo shoot! lol! Take a look at some of our fun pics from the night.
So even though my Celtics lost (sad face), I had a pretty cool night and an awesome birthday. What a great way to enter my 32nd year of life, great friends, great food, GIFTS, and all the love I could handle.
Thanks ladies!

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