Fashion Week Nashville: Day 1 – Press Conference

Fashion Week Nashville started yesterday with a Press Conference held by Polly Bibb, editor-in-chief of Couture Fashion Magazine. Couture Fashion Magazine is the official sponsor and creative force behind Fashion Week Nashville. Polly was on there to inform the press about what to expect for the next 5 days.  The press conference was held at What’s-In-Store, a jewelry and accessories boutique in the Edgehill community of Nashville.

Before we get to the details of the press conference, let me tell you about this store. What’s-In-Store is definitely a shopping jewel hidden in Nashville. How did I not know about this store? I’m slacking on my shopping adventures. They have the best selection of jewelry with some of the lowest prices. It’s a small creative space, with lots to share. Fab Friends, you need to make a trip to What’s-In-Store

I almost had an accessories overload, looking at all the fab finds in that store. What’s-In-Store had plenty of scarves, necklaces, sunglasses, and many one-of-a-kind pieces for customers. You can’t go in without leaving with a couple of pieces, the jewelry is just so pretty and affordable. Oh yeah, they will be apart of SHOP IT, Friday’s Fashion Week Nashville activity.

Camille Bobo, designer of God’s Princesses, and Polly Bibb, editor of Couture Fashion Magazine
OK, so let’s get to the press conference. Polly Bibb (right) announced the week’s events to the press in attendance. News Channel 5, Channel 2, Nashville Fashion Events, and Fab Glance Nashville, were some of the media in attendance. Polly talked about the focus behind Fashion Week. She stated that “Fashion Week Nashville was not trying to be Fashion Week in Milan or NYC”.The focus is about ‘giving back’ to the people of Nashville. Many of the proceeds will benefit the Middle Tennessee flood survivors. Fashion Week Nashville decided to partner with local charities in order to bring the volunteer spirit to the world of fashion.  IN addition, Fashion Week Nashville will spotlight local designers in the runway shows on Saturday.

Of course I had to get pictures of the local fashionistas in attendance. Above are students from TSU’s Fashion Merchandising department. Below is fellow fashion blogger, Alicia Boswell, wearing local designer, Nina D (Nina D Designs) skirt.

As you can see Fashion Week Nashville, started off with a bang. Come back tomorrow for more Fashion Week  information.

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