Spring 101: Colored Denim

Spring is here – can you feel the warm winds in the air? Well this morning I have another cool spring trend for you to to take in. This season it’s all about colored denim. You could have seen this trend coming from a mile away. It started with skinny jeans -> then leggings -> then the leggings were fun colors but not sturdy enough for everyone ->so the obvious choice would be colored denim.
Colored Jeans

Colored denim is not a new concept, I can remember having a pair of red denim jeans in middle school. But now the technology of denim is so that designers can be more creative with the cut and fit of their designs. Let me tell you, everyone can rock a pair of colored denim jeans! This trend can be super fun to add to your wardrobe especially during the spring/summer months.
The easiest way to rock your colored denim is with a simple tank or white button shirt. As you get more comfortable with making a bold statement on your bottom you can layer jewelry, vest/jackets, etc. Please remember, you don’t have to be matchy-matchy with you colored denim. Today’s fashion is about being eclectic and original. Take a look at the model above, I styled her with a bit of an edge, but not too much. Easy.
Hope you add some colored denim to your spring wardrobe.

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