HELP WANTED: New Contributors

Hello Fab Friends!

You know I’m always working on ways to improve the site. All of a sudden my workload has increased. I quickly realized, the website is not a one woman show. In addition, YOU have asked for more features on the site – beauty, men’s fashion and trends, and more event/lifestyle pieces. So, we are asking for your help. I’m looking for 2-3 more contributors. Check the stats below:

  • Beauty/Cosmetics – Do you love make-up? Can’t pass the cosmetics aisle without leaving with a little something, then you may be what we need. Your posts would let readers know the hottest trends in make-up and cosmetics. Workload – At least one post per week. Candidate does not need to live in Nashville.
  • Men’s Fashion & Trends – This position is for the man who loves the art of dressing well, is not afraid of french cuffs, and doesn’t mind  wearing a good pair of shoes once and while. Your posts would let readers know the hottest trends in men’s fashion. Workload – At least 2 posts per week. Candidate does not need to live in Nashville, but those who live in the city will be preferred.
  • Events – Fashion shows, concerts, and boutique openings – OH MY! The Fab Glance Crew gets invited to the flyest events in the city. Don’t you want to be apart of the action? Get to meet celebs, hear new music, and see the newest fashion. Workload – as needed basis. Candidate MUST live in the Nashville Area.
  • Events Photographer – Just like the position entails, you will be used in an on-call basis to photograph guests and celebs at local Nashville events. Photographers are not required to write copy.

Submission Requirements: If interested in any position above writers need to submit 2 writing samples for consideration. If selected you will receive a 1 year writing contract with Fab Glance. These are non-paying positions. Photographers must submit a link to your online portfolio. Must have experience filming action shots.

Submissions/Questions: Contact Melissa,

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