EVENT: Lovenoise presents – Big KRIT LIVE at Mercy Lounge, June 18

Imagine Kanye West being born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi. Now imagine him being produced by Organized Noize. (source)

After reading that statement, I had to learn more about Big KRIT (King Remembered In Time)  before he graces Mercy Lounge  on Saturday, June 18, 2011.Guys, I’m now in love with Big KRIT the Mississippi rapper, govt name Justin Scott.

I love the fact that he stayed true to himself, learned the craft of production (not just making beats) and has been hustling to become a great rapper since he was 14 years old. Unlike other rappers who have the “I was a drug dealer/pimp” story, KRIT gives listeners his version of life – a hardworking young man who happened to attend community college and loved the southern music industry. This has proved successful for the XXL 2011 Freshman Class winner.

Notable Releases: Singles: “Hometown Hero,” “Children of the World” and “Moon & Stars,” featuring Devin the Dude, all 2010; Guest Appearance: Wiz Khalifa’s “Glass House,” 2010; Independent Album: K.R.I.T. Wuz Here (Cinematic/Multi Alumni), 2010 (source)

So, if you are wanting to hear a breath of fresh air in the hip hop game, make sure to come out to Mercy Lounge on Saturday, June 18.

Check out some of my favorite Big KRIT videos below. Then, download his newest project, ReturnOf4Eva.

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